Family planning is back..or..Keep your pants ON!

Family planning is back..or..Keep your pants ON!

After waiting for almost a decade and seven children, Jose Pagunsan, a garbage dump worker in the Philippines, was finally getting his wish on Friday…a free vasectomy.

“I really wanted to do this a long time ago because my wife’s health has suffered due to multiple pregnancies and childbirths,” the 41 year-old scavenger told Reuters, adding his wife was pregnant with their eighth child.

“I don’t know how and where to get this done. So, when social workers went to our house offering to do it free, I immediately jumped on the chance. I’m doing this for my family.”

KEEP YOUR PANTS ON!!..We should call this guy Hose….anyways…

City officials and non-government groups held a family planning fair in the city of Manila for the first time in nine-years. Pagunsan was among only a few who volunteered to get a vasectomy.

These dudes must have Major Stones….to turn around have them Lopped off…

Because of the nine year ban, condoms and other contraceptives have been in short supply in Manila, unlike in many other developing nations where they are distributed free of charge.

Hundreds of women crowded a sports complex near a huge slum community in Manila as city health and social workers distributed contraceptives, condoms and reading materials on different family planning methods.

“Family planning is a right,” said Junice Melgar, a medical doctor by profession and organizer of the family planning fair.

“We see this event as a concrete step in lifting the misery of poor women and their families in the City of Manila.”

Another Concrete step would be…KEEP YOUR PANTS ON!!

The church has frowned on the Philippine government’s promotion of artificial contraceptives to manage population growth.

The Philippines has one of the fastest rates of population growth in Southeast Asia at 2.04 percent annually.

The United Nations Population Fund says there is a serious need to promote family planning in the country, giving Filipinos a chance to choose on what methods to control the country’s rapid population growth that puts pressure on its own development.

“I believe there’s a need of increasing the informed choices to the people,” Marian Ciscar, a U.N. Population Fund program officer, told Reuters.

“I think it has to do with the culture of Catholicism. But, I do myself come from a Catholic country, and I think we have to learn to separate family planning. It’s not a matter of faith. Family planning is a human right.”

It’s funny how they kind of relieve the Menfolk of their responsibility in these matters…They could take a leading role by KEEPING THEIR PANTS ON!

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