My Thoughts on Election Day

For the past 7 years in discussions with friends and others, I’ve often identified Obama as “The Worst President Ever”. Over the past 6 months, I changed that to “The Worst President Ever — So Far”. So without further ado, here are my thoughts on election day:

1. My choice for President isn’t on today’s ballot. In fact my top one hundred choices aren’t on the ballot. There used to be a saying to the effect that “I’d rather pick random names out of the phone book than elect so and so.” But the bastards stop making phone books!

2. We have a country of 300 million people. THESE are our top 2 choices? Seriously?

3. If your candidate doesn’t win today, don’t worry. The impeachment hearings begin January 20.

4. If you’re voting for Trump because he is not Hillary, I sorta get that. If you’re voting for Trump because you really believe in him and his “policies”, I have a card game I want to play with you. It’s called three card monte. It’s easy and you can win lots of money!

5. If you’re voting for Clinton, just remember, the R’s gave you a free pass this year by nominating a delusional immoral lunatic used car salesman grifter. (No offense intended toward used car salesmen.) And the R’s will never do this again. . . . I think.

6. Wake me up in four years!