I Have 3 Words for Ted Cruz . . .

Get. Back. In.

When you dropped out last night, you stated “We are competing to the end as long as we have a viable path to victory” but that you viewed the results in Indiana as precluding that path. Today however, that nagging parasite Katfish, sensing his mission accomplished, is scheduled to drop out. So you are now scheduled to take on Trump heads up in the final 3 or 4 weeks. You have the most delegates*. You’re right on the issues. We need a viable alternative to Obama’s 3rd term.

Now some folks might say “But Cruz dropped out last night. He can’t get back in. It’s just not done.”

My answer to that is “Really? That’s all ya got? This is 2016 for crying out loud. Don’t tell me what can’t be done.”

So please Ted,

Get. Back In.

* Delegates that actually support you.