Why Not Cruzio?

After Super Tuesday, we have a few likely certainties: Kasich is on an ego trip and won’t drop out until after he suffers the embarrassment of losing his home state. Carson is in a snit, or on a book tour, and won’t drop out. Rubio won’t drop out until after he loses Florida, or as long as the math shows a brokered convention is still possible. Ted Cruz, our man of the hour, is in a solid second place and has no reason to drop out.

But this three-way (or five-way) game of chicken is a clear win for Trump. He will almost always get 35%-40% of the vote. The majority of the Republican Party opposes him, and yet that’s exactly what they’re going to get. These are crazy times.

So how do conservatives stop Donald Trump? (As an aside, I think Trump can beat Hillary, but what kind of government and policies would we be getting? Other than a wall, I’m not sure.)

What has to happen: Ted Cruz needs to pick up the phone and offer the Vice Presidency to Marco Rubio. And it needs to happen this week.

Marco Rubio is supported by the hated “establishment” only because they have nowhere else to turn. He’s not perfect, but he is certainly conservative, and he’ll have to agree to Cruz’s position on illegal immigration. The addition of Rubio to Cruz can help Cruz win the winner take all states that are soon approaching. It can help soften the hard line stances of Ted Cruz on the issues (which I love, but they’re not everyone’s cup of tea). Politics is all about compromise. Cruz needs Rubio’s supporters. Let’s get it done. And let’s get it done NOW.