Christmas 237 Years Ago --- And Today

Fortune Favors the Bold! 

General Washington to his troops, Christmas night, December 25, 1776: “Tonight we cross back into Jersey. I beseech you all, remain close to your officers. They are good men. Heed their commands. On the march south a profound silence is to be enjoined and reflect upon what we owe those mercenaries. And when the hour is upon us fight for all that you are worth and all that you cherish and love. The fate of unborn millions will now depend, under God, on the courage and conduct that you show. The watch word is VICTORY OR DEATH — For I am resolved that by dawn both Trenton and Victory shall be ours.”

Yesterday I attended the annual Christmas day reenactment of Washington crossing the Delaware, as I do every year. It’s a nice event. Washington usually reads from Thomas Paine’s “The American Crisis” and urges his troops on to victory. Weather permitting, the reenactors also make the Delaware River crossing in 3 boats.

I think it’s important to remember how our country was founded. Victory does not go to the timid. Fortune favors the bold!

Today, a lot of conservatives are near despair over our present predicaments. We are attacked from all sides: we’ve got an unlawful President bringing the full weight of the federal government down on those that won’t comply with his edicts (e.g., Hobby Lobby, etc.). We have state court judges running amok (e.g., in Utah, New Mexico, New Jersey, etc.). We have a Supreme Court that is fickle. And we have a Republican Party that lacks leaders at its leadership positions.

What are we, as conservatives, to do?

Next year, 2014, is The Year We Push Back. In the Spring, we will unseat RINOS in the House and Senate in a number of primaries. And in the Fall, we will capture not only the purplish seats that look vulnerable, but we will take seats that cannot even be imagined right now. How can I make this prediction? One word: Obamacare. For it has wrought devastation throughout the middle class. Unless we are willing to suffer the tyranny that is Washington on a permanent basis, we must make our voices heard in 2014. We must take back our government.

And there’s more. Unelected judges who twist our Constitutional rights into a pretzel and declare “rights” that no one has agreed to must be stopped. Whether it requires defunding their position, impeaching them, or some other legal means, we will make them uncomfortable. Actions have consequences. It is time the judiciary branch realized this. We will push back!

More on specific strategies to come soon. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. And on to victory in the New Year!