Thinking Outside the Obamacare Box

Hope? No, just change. 
Every day we see the headlines and horror stories. Millions of health insurance policies canceled, with an exponential number more facing the ax next year. And besides the broken promises, we have a broken website that makes it nearly impossible for the long suffering uninsured, and the newly uninsured, to sign up.

On top of what appears to be a combination of poor planning, political intrigue, and massive incompetence, we have a man in the White House who shows his daily disdain for the citizenry of the United States. He shows his disdain for our country’s history, for our institutions, for our laws, for our traditions and customs and for the very Constitution he has sworn to uphold. The law is “settled” except it can be changed at his whim. The lawlessness is unbridled and unprecedented. It is almost impossible to believe it is actually happening, and yet so many don’t believe it really is happening. It is a feat of either mass hypnosis or the sad result of 50 years of dumbing down the populace.

We believe two seemingly contradictory things about this man: 1) That he is a backbencher, an incompetent who has never held a real job with real responsibility in his life before assuming the Presidency, and 2) that he and his allies are extremely shrewd and focused, relentlessly and intentionally ripping up the country’s foundational principles from within, and leading us down the path to ruin.

It almost doesn’t matter which explanation is true. Because we cannot wait until January 2017 when a Republican (maybe) is sworn in as President and fixes this mess. We can’t even wait until the 2014 elections when (maybe) the Republicans capture the Senate, only to be met by the veto pen. We can hope the Supreme Court strikes down all or most of the law. But hope is not a strategy.

Because what is happening now all across this country is a massive disruption in people’s lives. Hardworking people who have saved all their lives for a rainy day are now being swept aside by this tsunami. The middle class is being scooped up and forcibly dumped into the Exchanges. Take it or leave it.

The solutions offered in Congress are either patchwork fixes, pipe dreams, or lipstick on a pig. The solution cannot come from Washington.

The answer lies with the states. Our federalist system reserves a lot of power with the states. And despite Obamacare, the federal government has not preempted state action in the healthcare field. In fact, the states are involved – too involved – in regulating it, even before Obamacare.

We need a governor, in a state with a cooperative legislature, to step up and say something like this:

“This state will not allow the federal government to destroy people’s lives by dictating policy mandates that lead to policy cancellations. We will not allow the federal government to dictate coverages that people don’t want, don’t need, or that conflict with their beliefs. We will not allow the federal government to mandate health insurance as a tax to subsidize those who don’t have insurance, for whatever the reason.

“After food, clothing, and shelter, healthcare is perhaps the next most important thing needed simply to sustain life. But we are facing a crisis of immense proportion brought on by the very politicians that are elected to serve the people. They, and their law, have failed.

“Therefore, in this state, we are enacting the Emergency Healthcare Freedom Act. In this state, Obamacare is null and void. We will permit all insurance companies operating in the state to issue policies that have less mandates and requirements than required under Obamacare, since that law is now void. We will even reduce regulations that preceded Obamacare. We will encourage competition by inviting out of state insurance companies to sell policies in the state.

“No insurance company can continue to operate under Obamacare guidelines. We will ignore any court ruling that attempts to block implementation of this state law. We do this in direct confrontation and repudiation of the federal “law”. Today’s emergency is caused by that very “law”. Whatever that “law” means – and its meaning changes from week to week at whim – it cannot be used to impoverish and destroy the lives of  the citizens of this state.”


If done correctly, I believe the governor would be a hero in his state. Then other states would follow suit. Obamacare would wither on the vine and become irrelevant. While people in the states that stick with the Exchanges would get hosed, those in our enlightened states would get a better deal. The man in the White House would be completely exposed.

Hello Governor Perry? Governor Walker? Does anyone want to be President? Then ignore Washington. Fix the healthcare problem in your state. Lead and others will follow.