Americans(Still) Hate New Health Bill

OK, so while the Administration embarks on a series of campaign speeches to sell you on what they just shoved down your throat, apparently the collective we is not buying it. Here is an article from the reliable liberal Howard Fineman that shows just how much Americans across the board hate this bill:




Just how bad is it? By 55-29% Americans feel the quality of care they will receive will go down while by 50-21% they feel costs are going to go up. Can you feel the love? Before Congress acted on this “crisis”, 85% of all Americans had insurance and 85% of those that had insurance rated it either “very good” or “excellent”. Guess that needed to be screwed up.


I saw one analysis that suggested that as few as 7-10 Million people would actually benefit from this legislation. That means we just passed a law that costs $1T(with a T), affects 300 million people and benefits less than 5% of our citizens. Only our beloved Congress could take something as screwed up as the American Healthcare system, spend a year thinking about it, throw a trillion dollars at it and make it worse. Oh yeah, and the benefits don’t kick in until 2014. Ugh.


Your call on what to do about it. Just saying.

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