Republican Talking Points For Thursday

Okay, if we really have to go to this dog and pony show we better show up with some nice easy for Joe Sixpack to understand points that will make ObamaCare look like the massive overreach it represents. I’m no wonk but I thought of a few things that if we just hammer them every time it is our turn to speak then I think we win this thing.

1. There is no crisis- This whole “The sky is falling, The sky is falling!” has been the Allinskyites MO for as long as I can remember. I think the American people are on to them, though. Whether it be healthcare, global warming(I don’t even capitalize that anymore) or even this stupid H1N1 panic, they are sitting there like The Boy Who Cried Wolf talking to a bunch of non-believers. We still have, by far, the best quality healthcare in the world. Last time I checked there were not people dying in the streets, not even illegal immigrants. So, I would make the president define exactly what is the “crisis” we are trying to solve other then the Democrat party’s intense fantasy of taking over 1/6th of the economy.

2. Most people like their current health insurance- Over 85% of the American people already have health insurance and I think something like 80% of those rate their insurance as good, very good, or excellent. That means that 68% of Americans are happy about something. It seems to me that getting 68% of Americans to agree on ANYTHING is almost impossible so the President and his henchmen have really stuck their you know whats into a hornet nest by trying to take away something that generally people like. Make them explain why they need to screw everyone else in order to help 15% of the people who don’t have health insurance, many of whom choose not to have health insurance but will be forced to buy it under the President’s plan at the point of a gun. How American is that?

3. The real problem is skyrocketing costs- The Democrat proposals do nothing to lower the actual cost of healthcare delivery which would lead to lower insurance costs, as well. The average guy on the street(me) looks at this and says, “I already have health insurance that costs too much. Now we are going to provide insurance for a bunch of new people? What’s that going to do for me?” I think people know inherently that their costs are going up. Why don’t we instead do some incremental things that help bring costs down while at the same time providing some reasonable incentives for businesses and individuals to purchase their own insurance? Seems pretty logical, no?

4. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs- Why don’t we get the economy growing again before we go providing another big entitlement program? We have an employer based healthcare insurance system. Wouldn’t it make more sense to address the unemployment in this country(now, there’s a crisis) to see how many people we can get back to work before we go and screw up the world’s best healthcare system? The whole healthcare insurance “problem” looks a little different at 5 or 6 percent unemployment than it does at 10 percent unemployment. You said you were going to get focused. Get focused.

5. We’re broke- You know you just pissed away $787B on a “stimulus” that sent the unemployment rate from 7.5% to 10% and that was just you’re first year in office. We do have a fiscal crisis at every level of government and now you want to double down. Sir, with all due respect, it is not your money. Americans may have been dumb enough to elect you but the American Treasury is not your little private piggy bank to go and try some stupid Socialist experiment that has already been a failure everywhere else in the world. This is America, Jack! In just three short years you can go and take a teaching post up at Harvard with your angry buddy(can’t remember his name) and sit around and talk with him and Michelle about what a rotten country America is but, until then, get your hand off my wallet!

There’s more but that ought to be a start.