Obama "Likable"? Not!

Since us Conservatives are all about challenging the Conventional Wisdom these days, I think it is about time we take on the last and final great myth about our Feckless Leader, that everyone in America thinks he is just a great guy. Maybe me and a bunch of people I know are the only ones but we think it is Barack Obama’s UNlikabiity that is one of his biggest problems and the thing he is least likely to be able to change about himself.

I am so sick and tired of being told that, while we disagree with Mr. Obama’s policies, the American people still like him personally. This is always held out by the hacks on the other side as BO’s big opportunity to turn things around. Color me skeptical. Let me count the ways.

1. He is humorless- Is it just me or has this guy never said anything the least bit funny? I mean I used to see pictures of him smiling but it always seemed like one of those fake, oily smiles you get from someone right before they explain how the new siding contract is going to work. I don’t see anyone laughing at his meetings. They don’t give him anything funny to say in his speeches that he reads. Guessing that he couldn’t pull it off. He had the Lakers over the other day and he tried to say something funny about Phil Jackson getting the Republicans and Democrats to play as a team and he mangled it so bad that everyone on the stage looked like they were sucking a lemon. I don’t know about you but I find people with no sense of humor a little scary.

2. He is self aggrandizing- This guy needed to get beat up on the playground more. Maybe the funniest thing he has said is that he deserves a “Solid B+” or even an A- if ObamaCare monstrosity passed. It is All about the O. Everything bad is someone else’s fault and anything good, and that is few and far between, is only because of him. Humility is something you can’t fake. BO has none.

3. He is dishonest- Everything Barry says has a shelf life. Sometimes it is days, sometimes no more than hours. That is why all his speechifying is falling flat now. Nobody believes anything he says anymore. Is that the kind of person you can’t wait to be friends with?

4. He is arrogant- We all knew this back to the campaign when he talked about us “bitter clingers”. I think the rest of America gets it now, too. The disdain seems to drip from his eyes when he has to speak to mere mortals. Do you think he really relates to those wonderful young men and women that he commands in our military? Or is it possible that he sees them as photo ops? Oh, wait, he said so himself. I guess they can’t understand why it is so tone deaf for Barack to be running around on my dime playing golf 60 times and flying his wife up to Broadway for date night when we are at war and in debt.

5. He is a divider- I believe most in our country do want to come together to solve our problems. Obama’s approach? “I won”. Whether on race, healthcare, politics, you name it, Obama has done nothing to bring people together. His instincts are all Saul Allinsky Community Organizer attack dog blame the other guy. Nice leadership.

6. He is a poseur- Look it up. It is my favorite word to describe Obama. It is another reason people don’t really like him. I think the American people have a great sense of fairness. It might be one of our best national qualities. But we also know when someone is given something they haven’t earned. I hear alot of people saying, “You know, in retrospect, Obama really has never accomplished anything…..”

Okay, so I am saying Obama is humorless, arrogant, dishonest, egotistical, divisive, and phony. But the MSM is still telling us how much America loves this guy. I am not buying what they are shoveling.

While I am writing this I am listening to Mark Steyn sitting in for Rush calling Obama the “lonely guy”. So true. Where are all Barack Obama’s personal friends? Pretty sure he doesn’t have any.