Throw These Bums Out

Bailouts. Bankruptcy. Recession.

That is what we have gotten from our leaders in Congress. I am out here in the real world and I can tell you unequivocally that these Congress Critters are ridiculed and despised. If the GOP can’t take these lemons and turn them into lemonade then I have no hope for them at all. As the party leading this ship of fools the Democrats have to be called to account. There is no George Bush to blame anymore. These people need to be gotten rid of.

The first place to go is The Senate. We should lose zero. My guess is that Arlen Specter and George Voinovich might be the two most exposed because of the changing electorates in their states but there are many more opportunities for the GOP. I like our chances in my home state of Arkansas(especially if Huckabee runs), North Dakota, Nevada, Hawaii, Colorado, and Wisconsin. Every state should be in play. Even defeating Schumer in New York. People will say I am crazy but I believe there is an appetite out here for a political revolution similar to 1994. The GOP has to get energized in every state and go on offense. We need to go after the dinosaurs like Boxer, Reid, Inouye, Murray, Feingold, and Dorgan. These people can’t just wash their hands of the last 20 years.

Next, how about the so called “Blue Dog Democrats”. We all know these people are a bunch of phoney baloneys. They talk a good game during the election and then go sip chardonnay with Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank. I would be surprised if they voted against their leadership more than 5% of the time. It totally befuddles me why the GOP can’t put up some good conservative candidates and take back some of these seats.

I am telling you, there is a lot of anger and resentment brewing in this country. Obama may have won the battle but conservatives can still win the war. Hopefully, strong leadership will emerge that can rescue this country from becoming a dependency society.