The Cancerous Spread of Liberalism

I have blogged on this subject previously but was reminded of it after listening to Governor Ritter of Colorado discuss the changing political climate in Colorado on CNBC. He was talking about how Colorado, a state that has gone for the Republican consistently for the last 40 years is shifting to the left. It is not the only one. Look at all the states that were once solidly conservative that are now either toss ups or trending Democrat. I would include New Hampshire, Virginia, Arizona, North Carolina, Indiana, Ohio, and Nevada on the list.

How does this happen? I call it the Massachusetts effect. The liberals take a state like Massachusetts and create a laboratory for their wrongheaded ideas. They take over the government by promising goodies to all their various parasitic interest groups. What follows are the predictable results. Rising taxes, increased crime, corruption, and a breakdown in family values. Those with the means to do so then leave for a better and more pleasant place to live(see New Hampshire). They then proceed to vote for the same party and the same ideas that drove them out in the first place. Listen, if they were smart, they wouldn’t have voted for these policies in the first place. Does anyone besides me not recognize the Granite State anymore? I remember in the early days of my Conservatism thinking that the libertarian ideal of New Hampshire was a shining city on a hill. Now they have sold themselves out to yuppie Red Sox fans.

To understand the spread of liberalism, look no further than the failing liberal laboratories that are already collapsing around the United States. I can think of Maryland, California, Michigan, and New York, among others. As people flee those high tax, high crime, low family values areas as real estate collapses and taxes head north, they will land inevitably in bordering states. I lived in Michigan and saw what was happening there. When we moved to Arizona, there were an inordinate number of California transplants. They were moving to the desert to escape the confiscatory taxes in Cali. But they continued to vote Democrat after getting out of town. Those that don’t learn from their mistakes are doomed to repeat them.