Does McCain Get It Yet?

Sarah Palin keeps teeing it up and McCain keeps whiffing. I figure he has one more chance Tuesday night. I think this is it. If he doesn’t knock Obama reeling, McCain will be toast.

I understand Mr. McCain doesn’t have the same personal appeal that Ms. Palin does. But she is showing him the way to a path to the White House and he doesn’t seem to be able to see it. Steve Schmidt is supposed to be sharp but I don’t think he gets it, either. There is so far no evidence that they have a plan for winning. If I seem a little pissed it is because I feel like we are handing the keys of our country over to the ship of fools that is Obama/Reid/Pelosi and that we are going to suffer greatly.

I have never been a McCain fan. Not conservative enough. Too willing to criticize his own team. Too anxious to have the press like him. Too willing to pass “bipartisan” legislation. But, I really solidified my views on McCain after Hurricane Katrina. It wasn’t just the fact that he gave cover to the Democrats that were trying to blame the whole thing on George Bush by criticizing the Administration. They probably deserved it. No, what bothered me was that I saw an interview with him and he was truly SHOCKED that FEMA had been so inept in responding. How can you be shocked that a bloated Federal bureaucracy that had just been folded into an even more bloated Department of Homeland Security would be ineffective in a crisis? I remember thinking at the time, “AHA, that’s it. McCain is a man of Washington”. I think he actually believes that with just better management, a little more regulation, a touch more oversight that the Federal Government can be a fine way to deliver solutions to the American people.

What Sarah Palin has tapped into is the exact opposite sentiment. The one thing a majority of Americans can agree on is that we HATE Washington. This belief is shared in Michigan, Arizona, North Carolina, and Arkansas, the four states I have lived in in the last ten years. I am guessing it is shared in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Colorado, and Nevada, too. The only places that seem to have a real fondness for Washington are New York City and Hollywood. I am guessing we weren’t going to win there, anyway.

Ms. Palin does a great job of selling herself as a Washington outsider. That is why people like her. They don’t trust DC and are more than happy to vote for anybody that is not part of the cesspool. McCain has one last chance to tie Obama and Biden to Pelosi and Reid and make them the issue. Make them Washington insiders. Tie them to Hollywood and Wall Street. I understand this is tricky for McCain. After all, he has been in Washington for more than 25 years. And, as I stated before, I think he believes in Washington. He may need to do something he is incapable of. He may need to fake it.

As I write this, Rush is reporting that out on the campaign trail Senator McCain is tossing out Warren Buffett and Algore as people he might get counsel from. My heart is sinking.