Don't Support Socialist Bailout

Isn’t it quite clear that the Dems are trying to get Bush and Congressional Republicans to give them cover for passing this half baked plan? Why should we be their lackys on this?

Wouldn’t it be better to propose a reasonable alternative and let the Bush Administration and the Democrats own this turkey? The Bush presidency is essentially over. Why let them write a $700B check on the way out the door?

I think this outline of a plan hatched by House GOP makes alot of sense. Cutting the Capital Gains and Corporate tax to zero, even temporarily, would cause a deluge of capital into our financial markets. There is plenty of cash on the sidelines to solve this problem without the government becoming a slumlord. Read an overview of what they are proposing[here]:


What Mr. McCain can say is that what we really need to do is find out how this happened and he is going to put a justice department in place to identify those reponsible and bring them to justice.