Clinton to Meet With Obama

No further evidence of the sinking like a (Ba)rack Obama campaign is this upcoming sit down with the don of the Dems, Bill Clinton. I started out scratching my head on this one but then the lightbulb went off and it made perfect sense.

On current course and speed Obama probably stands to lose by a Dukakisian margin. Bill has the one wild card that Obama might be able to play that could help Obama avoid a complete disaster, Hillarious. The only questions that remain and why Obama has been called in is, “What do we want and can we get it?”.

I believe the Clintons hold all the cards on this one. Barry has been exposed as a phony. Gaffe after gaffe has all the Dems in a panic. His campaign has run out of energy and Joe Biden isn’t about to provide any. He’s maxed out at 40% and is trying to fire up his base in September rather than reaching out to any “independents”. He is going to have to throw a long ball and he is going to have to do it soon. Pelosi, Reid, and other well known Dems are even more unpopular than President Bush. He really has nowhere else to turn than to his old nemesis’, the Clintons.

It could be as simple as money. Maybe Bill just wants Hillary’s campaign debts payed back. But with Barry’s money machine breaking down, maybe he isn’t as flush as he was a couple of months ago. Could it be a position in a potential Obama Administration? Listen, would it surprise anyone if Biden was asked to step down and Hillary reconsidered? Remember Bob Torricelli and Clinton’s role in making that happen? Maybe Hill wants to be Secretary of State, Attorney General, or even Defense Secretary.

Whatever it is, two things are certain. One is that the Clintons can probably get whatever they want for trying to prop BHO up. The other is desperation always makes things interesting.