Who Has Been Feeding at the Fannie/Freddie Trough?

Senator McCain, time to clean up Washington.

This Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae debacle goes right to the core of everything I hate about the Federal government. Sleazy money, sweetheart deals, and who you know payoffs are exactly what is wrong with the status quo. Michelle Obama gets a $315K job as a hospital bureaucrat(I sure as hell didn’t know hospitals paid that good!) and in return hubby Barack arranges for a sweet earmark for the same facility. Business as usual. Joe Biden’s lobbyist son needs a new gig while dad runs for office so they arrange a $1.2M a year stint as CEO for a hedge fund. Sure, no problem there. There are millions and millions of dirty money around the Fannie/Freddie failure and I, for one, think we should find out where all the money went. From the $20M buyout of former Clinton lackey Franklin Raines right up to all the Senators and Congress critters who got bought off and were in the bag for the GSEs.

The failure of Fannie and Freddie proves three things.

First, that the government has kept intact it’s near perfect record of screwing up everything they touch. Why anyone would even consider that throwing more government at any one of our problems just goes to show that maybe our education system isn’t working too well, either.

Second, that Washington, DC is the part of our country that is broken. It is not middle America that causes all these problems. It is the fatcats and elitists in Washington that usually drag us into the muck. I say, let’s find out who had a hand in this debacle and make sure everyone knows their names, regardless of party. Just like Ms. Palin, I am no more sympathetic to Republicans who engage in sleaze than I am with Democrats. Anyone that doesn’t think there is a clear path to politicians on this should read this article from today’s WSJ:


So, Barney Frank, the “Patron Saint of Fannie Mae”, is going to be holding some hearings. Anybody expecting any enlightenment from that? Can you say whitewash? When was the last time any democrat politician brought down one of their own? Barack Obama? Fuhgeddaboutit!

Finally, it proves that McCain/Palin are on the right message. I only hope they keep it up and, if elected, don’t forget what got them there. Like Mr. McCain said, get ready, we are coming to Washington!