A GOP Convention Game Plan

OK, folks, this is it. The Dem convention is already a bust. Do not, I repeat, do not, listen to any positive analysis from the MSM that says otherwise. There is no excitement, no personality. Any time this ship of fools is out where all can see they come off looking like a bunch of children. All you have to know is that the highlight, maybe other than Hill, from last night was the goofy governor from Montana(btw, Montana GOP, what is up with you all?).

The whole thing is just boring. No matter what happens tomorrow night, BO cannot salvage this convention. Whatever oratorical flourishes and platitudes he lays out there will be outdone with this whole stadium and stage play that confirms what alot of people already don’t like about him. That he is an elitist with a messianic complex. I believe Americans still like their politicians with a little humility. Color me skeptical.

This has presented our party(I assume the GOP is still our party) with a unique opportunity. I am talking about a moment in time where we can completely change the game. I am talking about a McCain victory. I am talking about picking up House seats. And, yes, I am talking about picking up Senate seats, too. I think it is ripe for the picking. Here is a point by point playbook for how to do it.

  1. Step up and defend the last 8 years- This is step one. I am so sick and tired of the Democrats talking about the last eight years as if we are a third world country. George Bush has been a solid president in difficult times. Don’t you think it is worth pointing out that we have been safe under the leadership of Mr. Bush? Grow some cajones and talk about it. I think we need to talk about Iraq as a success, if not a victory. It’s OK to acknowledge that mistakes were made but give GWB credit for rejecting the stupid recommendations of the 9/11 commission and going the surge route. This would also tee up McCain for later in the week. As for the economy, there have actually been three economies. There was the 2000-2003 economy that was already in recession when Bush came into office and then was sent into a tailspin after 9/11. Isn’t it funny that there has not been one mention of the 9/11 travesty from any Democrat, even though that was just seven short years ago? More on that later. Then there is the 2003-2007 economy. When an initial “stimulus” didn’t work, Bush went back to the drawing board and developed a much more effective approach with across the board tax breaks. By every measure the 2003-2007 economy was one of the most robust across the board economies that we have ever seen. Don’t forget that the “Bush tax cuts” were a massive tax break for the middle class the Dems are so fond of. If they are allowed to expire that will amount to huge tax increase on the middle class. Obama is saying he wants to keep those parts of the Bush cuts, but why haven’t we seen action from the Demos? Remember when Bill Clinton said, “I worked so hard to give that middle class tax cut, but…”. I think the middle class might just want to hold on to the bird they have in the hand. Finally, the 2007-2008 economy is troubled but it can’t really just be hung on the white house(who runs Congress, again? More on that later, also…) and there are solutions to the things that are ailing. Also, by historical measures such as income, unemployment, etc. the economy is not nearly as bad as Dems are making it out to be.

Bottom line- Cowboy up on the last eight years. This is key.

2.Attack, Attack, Attack the Democratic Congress- They are more unpopular than Bush and, what’s more, they are personally disliked. Make Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi the face of the Democrat party. Our economy only started going downhill when they took over Congress. What did they do? 40+ plus votes to surrender in Iraq. Meanwhile, Chris Dodd was getting a sweetheart mortgage deal from Anthony Mozzillo and they are up to their eyeballs in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac lobby money. I want to make them look like crooks. They had just as much of an ability, probably more, to take steps that would have averted some of the economic pain. Make sure it is well known that Biden has been a Congress critter for over 30 years. They fought Bush every step on the way of his terror fight. Ask the American people how safe they feel with Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Barbara Boxer, and Jim Mcdermott leading the way. What’s more, this could be done with a sense of humor. Ideal role for Cheney. I think Bush could be effective doing this to. Lord knows he has had to take their garbage for eight years.

Bottom line- The face of the Democratic party is a face frozen by botox.

  1. Make an overt effort for the values vote- Listen, if Nancy Pelosi wants to hand us the Catholic vote, I say, let’s go ahead and pick it up. I don’t get the impression that this is McCain’s favorite area to emphasize, but, let’s face it, the guy does have a 100% pro-life voting record. I hope he sees that some of the tailwinds he has been feeling lately are the result of his performance at the Saddleback Church. I think he needs to follow that up by making values and faith a centerpiece at his convention. And, no, I am not talking about a Pat Buchanan style culture wars centerpiece but make sure that values voters, Protestants, Jews, Catholics, Muslims, and all people of faith are honored. I realize abortion is a difficult issue to talk about. But, in this cycle, I think it is a game changer. The Dem party has gotten way too far out to the left and Obama personally has views that are out of step with most Americans. I believe Catholics have been the winning constituency in like our last 12 elections(somebody can fact check me on that). The American people do not believe in Partial Birth Abortion or Same Sex marriage. Pelosi and Obama do. We need to point that out.

  2. Make national security the issue- Clearly, the dems think they can ride the, “It’s the economy, stupid” train to victory, again. But, I would ask, if America is in a dangerous world, and we are, don’t we need to provide for our security first? What good is any economy if we don’t first make the world a safer place? This is a winner for us. It is a complete embarassment that they have gone through two days of their stupid convention and nothing about 9/11 has even been mentioned. Do they think people’s memories are that short? There has been no discussion of Iraq, Iran, the Middle East, the Russian incursion into Georgia, Afghanistan, or Pakistan at the Democratic convention. We have to sell our role as leader of the free world and why it benefits us. I do not believe people in our country are naive. McCain will dust Obama on foriegn affairs. We need to take on this lie that our respect is down around the world. I think George Bush’s steadfastness has got our standing at an all time high.

  3. Sell the global economy- Anybody who watched the Beijing Olympics and apparently just about everybody did, that believes we can turn the clock back on being part of a global economy is kidding themselves. That train left the station along time ago. The key for the American future is to make sure it is American companies that are leading and winning around the world. Like Springsteen once wrote, “Foreman says those jobs are going, boys, and they ain’t coming back.” McCain was right when he indicated so in Michigan(please, though, Mr. McCain, don’t use the term “green jobs”…it sounds so phony). No, the answer for America is to make sure OUR companies have the resouces they need and that our people get the education they need to prosper as the global economy grows. We are, after all, the highest boat in the water. Paint Obama’s protectionism and populism as failed policies from the past. Really, I would compare Obama to Jimmy Carter. We were in similar circumstances in 1976 and alot of folks remember what happened when we elected a little known populist. We shouldn’t need to do it again.

  4. Belittle Obama- Paint him as a babe in the scary woods. The netroots hate this. But, the reality is that Barack Obama is not qualified to be president. We do not know enough about him to entrust him with this job. I think the way to get to him is not attack but to disregard him, something like, “Obama, you’re kidding, right?” He and his supporters have shown that they hate this. I think McCain is onto something. When you run into someone who takes themselves so seriously, maybe the best thing to do is ignore them. Once off his teleprompter, he really seems quite ordinary. Poke him, prod him, get him off his game.

  5. Make McCain the only viable choice- See number 6