Proud to Be an American

I like the Olympics as much as the next guy. Maybe a little more than most, probably not less. I generally root, root, root, for my team but I am not so much a homer that I won’t pull for an underdog, even against the USA, even if it is an athlete from a country that I don’t admire so much such as Venezuela or Cuba if the athlete has overcome barriers to reach the pinnacle of their sport. I am a sucker for a David vs. Goliath story.

Generally, though, I believe for most folks the Olympics serves as an every other year reminder that we all have a recognizable vein of Patriotism running through our bodies. It is hard not to be moved when you see those athletes, who have worked so hard and who have usually had the support of hundreds of their fellow citizens, stand on that podium while their national anthem is played.

I had not really thought about how it might be affecting the current body politic until Misty May and Kerri Walsh stood in front of the NBC cameras immediately after their historic 2nd consecutive gold medal in beach volleyball and thanked President Bush for coming by and offering his support. I believe it was, “Thank you, Mr. President…” or something to that effect. Can you imagine the shock the MSM must have had in hearing these two young, attractive, popular ladies thanking the evil George Bush? Isn’t the accepted paradigm that everyone hates the president?

They affirmed what alot of us conservatives have known all along. That the haters are the 20 percenters, the hate America first Daily Kos types and their willing accomplices in the media.

It doesn’t stop there. We have had a steady parade of athletes, even the precocious Kobe Bryant and the great Lebron James go before the cameras and say how proud they are to be American, prompting one MSM sycophant to pose the question, “Is it now cool to be a patriot?” I hope so. I loved the high profile basketball players going over to watch Michael Phelps, a recognition of his greatness but acknowledging that they were Americans, too.

Well, what about Obama? He was holed up in Hawaii. But, doesn’t the patriotism on display in Beijing undermine the whole premise of his candidacy? His mantra is America Sucks! Ever since he got religion about wearing his flag pin he has been trying to fool people into thinking he doesn’t come from the hate America wing of the Democrat party. But every once in awhile he lets his guard down as he did in Berlin or with the 7 year old girl in Indiana and we are reminded that Barack and Michelle would be perfectly at home sitting down and ripping America with your average Daily Kos blogger.

I hope the Beijing feeling doesn’t disappear before November.