OBAMA as President

Today I read an article by a PhD from an international political analysis group, referring to the “Obama Culture” . It was a long article comparing various nations, their history, etc., so I will just give you the basic overview.

First of all – Obama has given many clues, though vague and disparate, in his speeches. He has talked of his dislike of the rich getting richer and poor, poorer. He has talked of taxing the rich. Of universal healthcare. But how does it all fit together and how in the world could he possibly pay for it, especially now that this country is in such a mess?

Apparently his vision is to use the Swedish government/culture model as his guide – everyone in like jobs makes the same salary, everyone is the same, has the same benefits. It is his version of Western Europe’s socialization for this country, with a redistribution of wealth, from those making about $200,000 a year and up, to those now on welfare.

Taxes would go up – anyone with shares in the market or bonds or investments of any kind would find big increases (double) in capital gains tax, and payroll taxes would go up. There would likely be a national tax (like a national sales tax) to raise further income to enable his massive spending programs. And like in Europe, the economy would go flat, GNP declines, production down. The economy would stagnate, much as it has in various parts of Europe for some time.

Now some might think this is a great thing. I do not. I have nothing to lose or give up, but this represents the end of America as we have known it. This would be the end of our culture, heritage, way of life – all gone! And there are massive problems in our socialization with the possibility of a revolution not out of the realm of possibility.

The problems when compared with Sweden – first of all, Sweden was socialized having never had welfare. It was until recently a very homogenous society (alike) – all people look alike, think alike, have same values and culture. They are all hard working. So socialization was not a problem – they knew they would all work hard, and therefore being paid the same, having the same of everything was OK, equally earned and shared. (Recent influx of aliens from Middle East has altered the picture dramatically)

America is the most diverse and therefore the least homogenous nation. We have many generations of welfare recipients who have never worked, and never will work. We have a vast collection of races, cultures, beliefs, religions – that have coexisted with some success until more recently. To negate those differences and to demand that all exist under the same umbrella does not work. We are not even united as Americans, much less anything else. And laws demanding it will not make it so, but rather, cause us to divide further with anger rising.

His plan might even include nationalized housing where you own nothing, but rent from the government. The current take-over of foreclosures might serve that purpose – over a million homes to start with.

To enact this plan our constitution as we have known it would be tossed out; our laws would be rewritten in support of the socialization; your plans for your future in retirement – gone; your investments (unless you figure out a way to protect them) would be gone too.

This is not ‘change’ – this is a revolution – one that will occur without a single shot being fired – with buy-in by enough people to just let it happen. It is no wonder that there has been such intense effort to get blacks and young people and Hispanics to register to vote.

Then there is Obama’s declared support of Muslim nations (“I will be on the side of Muslims if things should go terribly wrong”)and how his statement fits within this plan. Muslims.

I have to tell you that I foresaw some bad things coming, but not this. I am speechless, dismayed, and yes fearful. We are not looking at a presidency, but eventually at a dictatorship!!

It may be too late – and all we can do is to prepare. I am not sure what that looks like, other than leaving the country.

To all who may read this, KNOW that our country is at stake, our values, our Constitution, and everything that we know and have held dear. *We have problems, but turning America into a Socialist country is NOT the answer. *