Obama and Acorn

In the continuing saga regarding Acorn – here are details:

1) In 2008 Acorn was paid $800,000 by Obama, to handle voter registration in certain key states.2) There are currently investigations in FIVE “swing” states where significant evidence of voter fraud exists – conducted by Acorn – Such states include CO, NM, MI, NV and OH (problems such as people being registered 30 or more times; dead people being registered; or more people registered in a county than there are people of voting age – just the sort of thing LBJ did back in the good old days!)3) Other states are already involved in lawsuits over such matters, some Acorn people already in prison, and more states involved in investigations. This is a 10-year history of Acorn’s corruption.4) And also learned, Obama has taught training classes for Acorn, has headed a voter registration campaign for them, worked for Acorn as an attorney defending them in an Illinois suit, and has received enormous contributions from the Acorn PAC.

Dare I suggest that there is a dire lack of character here? No matter how willy nilly one regards character as a measure of a person, this seems to overstep all degrees, and brings into question ethical and moral standards, as well as legal considerations. Are these flaws that we want (much less can afford) in our President?

Obama and Acorn have been connected for several years. Acorn has been under indictment in numerous states for voter fraud and illegal activities. And last night the FBI raided a number of Acorn offices, gathering records and computers, today exhibiting a huge stack of voter records that are all invalid for various fraudulent reasons.

Yet, during all this time, with a great deal of damming evidence against Acorn, Obama still hired them (gee, I wonder why), and has never spoken a negative word about that company, nor acknowledged his long history with them.

Voters of America – do not let rhetoric and style override your common sense and love of our country – do NOT vote Obama. Read more blogs to learn even more about why.