The most powerful speech you didn't hear this weekend

You likely didn’t hear the most powerful speech delivered this weekend. It has been consigned to such obscure outposts as CSPAN.

Few people have been as forceful and effective in their full-throttled defense of Western Civilization as Mark Steyn. The man almost single-handedly took down Canada’s totalitarian “hate” speech commissions. Now Steyn appears legally poised to tear asunder American climate change alarmist and proven fraud Michael Mann. Steyn’s main mission is to thwart Islamist threats to Western liberty.

In “America Alone,” published in 2006, he presciently described a Europe that had lost its will to defend Christendom’s heartland against a new and more insidious form of Muslim conquest. Events of recent months have confirmed almost every point Steyn made; even he seems surprised by the accuracy of his thesis–that declining indigenous birth rates and ever-escalating Islamic migration would change forever the face of Europe. As America seems ready to sign onto a similar suicide pact, it would be well-advised to look at the “refugee” crisis in Europe and listen to the words of Steyn and others.

Steyn surpassed himself this weekend with an address to the Danish Free Speech Society. This was given on the tenth anniversary of the Mohammed cartoon riots in Denmark. Due to the security risks, the event was held Saturday within the secure confines of the Danish parliament building. Anyone who has paid attention doesn’t need explained to them why this precaution was necessary. Still, it boggles the mind to think a speaker or a cartoonist or a writer or a filmmaker has to take extra precautions not to be murdered in Copenhagen, of all places. If the trend continues, though, such fears will not be given a second thought in a few years. One of the primary points Steyn made Saturday seems provocative at first blush but absolutely true on sober reflection. The September 11th attacks on America’s power centers did nowhere near the damage to Western democracy than did its craven response to threats made against further publication of depictions of Mohammed. The events of 9/11 were predictably met with great force and culminated with the death of bin Laden. The cartoon riots and the threats made afterwards basically were appeased, and as such the terrorists have won major victories against free speech and other civil liberties both in Europe and in North America. Steyn’s full speech can be heard here. It is highly recommended that you listen to all 50 minutes, every single word of it. Steyn’s analysis is simultaneously profound, eloquent and damning. Western Civilization is worth saving but few want to be bothered to do so. Steyn is one of the most noble exceptions.