Sen. Lamar Alexander must be in deep trouble

This only can mean President Barack Obama’s favorite Tennessee Republican, Sen. Lamar Alexander, is in deep primary doo-doo:

“State Rep. Joe Carr lent a company affiliated with a prominent supporter $200,000 in campaign funds last year — a transaction that campaign finance experts said appears to be extremely unusual.

“Life Watch Pharmacy, a Nashville company led by venture capitalist and conservative fundraiser Andrew Miller, was given the sum last year and paid it back this spring, the Carr campaign said Tuesday after updating filings with the Federal Election Commission. The campaign, Joe Carr for Senate, received $9,564.54 in income off the loan.

“Campaign finance records show that Miller gave a total of $5,200 in contributions to Carr for the 2014 election cycle last June, the maximum allowed.

“The transaction was odd in that it reversed the usual flow of money between supporters and campaigns. Although campaigns often borrow from banks or put money in accounts until needed, campaign finance experts said they could not recall having seen a campaign lend to an outside firm.

“You definitely don’t see a transaction of this sort every day,” said Dave Levinthal, a senior political reporter at the Center for Public Integrity. “This is definitely not a common arrangement.”


So what to make of this prominent non-story? For those who don’t know, The Tennessean is a typical liberal daily that carries water for Democrats. Exceptions are made for some pet Republicans, such as Sen. Alexander. The incumbent’s internal numbers may not look good given the recent frenzy of television campaign ads touting Alexander’s “conservatism.” Along with fellow Tennessee Republican Senator Bob Corker, Alexander is at best an unreliable Establishment squish, and is left-of-center of most members of his conference.

You can send money to Joe Carr here: https://secure.carrfortn.com/donation1/?initiativekey=ZNZCHJEMZ2DM