Obama inadvertently completes the Reagan Revolution

President Barack Hussein Obama promised to “fundamentally transform America” if elected president. In a way he never conceived, he has. Obama’s failed Affordable Healthcare Act has completed the Reagan Revolution.

Here’s how.

Beltway Republicans spent the last 25 years arguing for a conservative form of Big Government. The GOP hierarchy wouldn’t admit this is what they wanted, but it was. The Democrats, of course, always embraced an ever-expanding welfare state. In Obama, the Establishment Republicans found vindication of their Me-Tooism and the Democrats believed government intrusion would become the new again normal. ObamaCare, of course, was just the fast lane to socialism or socialism-lite.

The first implosion of a government entitlement, at its inception nonetheless, has vindicated those of us who always warned against the perils of Big Government. That is secondary, though. The primary benefit of this Real Time lesson has been America’s witness to the real dangers of the welfare state. Many have suffered. I am among those who have been dropped from my insurance and left adrift. Unlike many in the same position, I never harbored the illusion that ObamaCare would somehow work. Yet even I am stunned by the sudden nature of it all. The Democrats will be cast asunder for generations unless this is remedied in the next sixty days, and the odds of that are incredibly low. Romney’s storied “forty seven percent” looks more like a third now.

The only president in modern history who tried to reign in the welfare state was Reagan, and in truth he had to settle for the margins. The first President Bush subtly tried to undo the Reagan Revolution with a “kinder, gentler” approach, which was little more than a reversion to the days of stemming rather than stopping the expansion of Big Government. Clinton accepted the status quo, and Bush II essentially represented a return to the bad old days of growing rather than retracting an ever-intrusive State. Then came Obama…

As anyone who ever has worked a courtroom can tell you, it isn’t the best-laid strategy that often wins the case, but rather the self-inflicted wounds of an adversary. Obama has delivered the coup de grace to the welfare state in trying to expand it in the most irresponsible, inept manner imaginable.  Nothing any of us could say or do would have resulted in the long-term effects of this malignant wound. Put a fork in Big Government. It is done now.

Reagan must be happy up there. Those of us down here may feel some joy, but putting back together a shattered health care system has to be our first priority.

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