Kudos to Reince Priebus, RNC

I’m usually the first  to gripe about Establishment Republicans and squishes, so let me be the first out of the box to salute today’s RNC decision to nix NBC and CNN as national debate hosts due to their Hillary Clinton pimping.

I am incredibly proud to have Reince Priebus as chair of the RNC today. For too long, hostile venues, biased moderators, and blatantly partisan reporters have turned the national presidential debates into total farces. We’ve seen the spectacle of people such as Chris Matthews act as participants. Chris Matthews? Really?

I suppose there had to be a final straw, and the video hagiographies of Clinton were it. There simply is no reason to lend any credence to the alleged “journalism” practiced by CNN and NBC. Priebus and the other national committeemen finally acknowledged as much.

You shocked me, Mr. Priebus and the RNC. And I’m so thankful you did.

UPDATE: In the event there is any doubt left Politico is little more than a Democratic mouthpiece, check out their spin on this brave action: http://www.politico.com/blogs/media/2013/08/rncs-nbc-cnn-boycott-to-benefit-univision-170671.html.  Yeah, it was an anti-Hispanic decision. This is too laughable even to merit much comment. It is somewhat of a tell, though, because it demonstrates how this has cut the media prostitutes to the bone.