The silver lining in left-wing media's Tuscon tragedy spin: it won't work.

Within hours of the Oklahoma City bombing, then-President Bill Clinton laid the blame at the feet of what was then a new medium, talk radio. Sadly, it worked to a degree. His willing left-wing media conspirators followed his lead and, in an attempt to silence opposition voices, made a significant segment of the American public believe Rush Limbaugh somehow loaded up a truck with fertilizer and killed innocent men, women and children. It was an outrageous lie that served many leftist agendas.

The OKC bombing propaganda was straight out of the Left’s playbook, and had many historical precedents. Chief among them? Turning avowed Marxist and USSR-oriented killer Lee Harvey Oswald into a conservative.

So when a madman with no coherent political philosophy–more Left than Right but that is irrelevant–shot to death innocents and critically wounded a Democratic congresswoman, the left-wing media went back to the well. Blame was assigned to “overheated rhetoric,” which means opposition speech to the Left. A fascistic sheriff went on television and pretty well blamed the GOP. And, of course, Sarah Palin was held responsible.

We are angry. This is unfair. But there is a silver lining here.

It won’t work this time.

Already, we see the left-wing MSM furiously backpedaling even though they really, really want this narrative. Their primary motive was and is to shut down criticism of an incompetent and unqualified president they put into office, but also to hurt anyone who would oppose them. But there are too many alternative media outlets now, and the left-wing MSM’s spin has to be constantly adjusted as truth collides with their propaganda.

This morning on NBC, parent company of left-wing hate speech cable channel MSNBC, the morning fluff talk show had to use phrases like “no evidence” in connection with conservative media. The implication was there but tempered. Even the aforemention sheriff, accompanied by geriatric windbag Tom Brokaw, had to admit as much. This astute lawman even went so far as to admit there is free speech, damn it, in the United States. The former NBC anchorman wanted to blame the internet, but seeing how this has not really worked out, used the episode to pitch for gun control.

And so it has been across the left-wing media spectrum: a burning desire to shut down conservative voices has been diminshed by those same opposition outlets. Outright left-wing lies get answered very quickly now. Spurious causal links are dispatched immediately. And facts, stubborn things they are, get out. So…

Viva RedState. Viva the ‘Net. Viva FOX News. Viva Rush Limbaugh. As galling as the last 48 hours have been, times have changed. It isn’t 1961 or even 1994. This is a watershed moment in left-wing media bias, and it will be one in our favor.