Unusual suspect: Some cities break laws and Arizona enforces them. Guess which Obama will prosecute?

Imagine you are the governor of Arizona. You are sitting at your desk, and you are watching an interview conducted a continent away with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Your mouth drops open as you learn something from a television station down in Ecuador. Your state recently enacted a law that allows police officers to inquire about the immigration status of criminal suspects. The law is wildly popular in your state and throughout the nation but not, apparently, in the White House.

Now imagine you are the mayors of San Francisco or Albany or any other sanctuary city between them. You interfere with ICE and other federal, state and local law enforcement officers whenever they want to find out about someone’s status to be in the United States. You are a mayor whose city violates the law and interferes with enforcement officers and you laugh about it. Openly. You encourage illegal immigration and you are proud of it, by God.

Now which political entity would President Barack Hussein Obama choose to prosecute? Well, of course Arizona, you silly goose.

This is the nation Barack Obama wants to make permanent. A nation not of laws but of imperious, autocratic governance. A country where upholding the law isn’t valued but violating it is protected. A nation where corporations aren’t fined through civil courts but shaken down by the vice president of the United States. A nation where you act at will without regard to the United States Constitution let alone the laws enacted by our national legislature.

It was said Richard Nixon, during his first and partial second term of office, was a crook. As a matter of fact, he was. But Nixon, during his reign, didn’t shred the Constitution and violate the Rule of Law anywhere near as much as Obama has managed to do in a year and a half.

So as rogue mayors receive White House invitations because they had the wicked wisdom to enable criminality, a state that chose to honor the Rule of Law will be put in the docks. Even worse, its governor learned this little tidbit from a foreign television broadcast. The president didn’t even mention the pending witchhunt at a photo op he held with her. This should be the stuff of paranoid fiction, but in Barack Hussein Obama’s America it is reality.

November and then 2012 cannot come soon enough.