Democrats conduct--and left-wing media incites--most political violence. Exhibit A? Palin's church.

Attempts by Democrats and the left-wing media to drown out the voices of the vast majority of Americans who oppose Obama care are as hilarious as they are hypocritical. We can cite incident after incident where some left-wing loon, prodded by the media, conducted an act of political violence.

These are so numerous, and the media’s attempt to cover them up so largely successful, they tend to fall into the memory hole. Here is one that kind of has:

CNN) — A “suspicious” fire devastated the church attended by Alaska Gov. and former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin on Friday night in her hometown of Wasilla, the church’s minister said.
“We have no idea what caused it,” the Rev. Larry Kroon of the Wasilla Bible Church said Saturday, adding that investigators were considering arson and other possible causes.
A ladies’ craft group was in the building when the fire broke out, but they got out safely, Kroon said.
“No one was hurt,” he said.
Central Mat-Su Fire Department Chief James Steele said the department was “treating it as suspicious and as potential arson at this point” but did not elaborate, The Anchorage Daily News reported.
The newspaper said Palin released a statement after the fire in which she said she stopped by the church Saturday morning and offered an apology to the assistant pastor “if the incident is in any way connected to the undeserved negative attention the church has received since she became a vice presidential candidate.”


Please note the part in bold. Gov. Palin actually felt compelled to apologize for the fire because of the bad media attention that the church received after she had the audacity to hope she could be elected vice president of the United States.

Does anyone for a second doubt that a left-winger, likely a Democrat spurred on by the likes of Andrew Sullivan and Keith Olberman, set that fire? Does anyone doubt for a moment that the corrupt and politically motivated Eric Holder Department of Justice hasn’t lifted a finger to investigate this incident?

The answers are obvious. Unlike previous church burnings, this one didn’t fit the template of what spurs righteous media and Democratic indignation. This fire didn’t matter to them. In fact, it was the subject of more than a few jokes for television comedians.

The only violence Democrats actually fear is the actual political violence that will be inflicted on their party come November. They have earned every bit of it, and all the attempts at diversion and typical hypocrisy they and their media whores spew won’t prevent it.

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