Obamacare the equivalent of curing cancer, sayeth my adopted congressman

“This is as major a public health accomplishment as reducing car wrecks or finding a cure for a dread disease. One of the lives saved could be yours.” That outright lie, or, to be kind, hyperbolic insanity, was how my former and recently adopted congressman, Democrat Jim Cooper, TN-5, described Obamacare last night. Cooper, who voted against Hillarycare because he claimed it to be fiscally reckless, is one of those creatures more rare than Bigfoot: the mythological moderate elected Democrat. Cooper hated Hillary Clinton and was a huge Barack Obama supporter. Nothing like partisan hackery to help a cost-prohibitive new entitlement go down.

As Erick asked us, I decided to adopt a congressman and chose Cooper. And what he told his local daily newspaper is beyond a good fisking but one will be given, completely needlessly:

“Cooper said thousands of lives “literally will be saved due to the greater affordability of health insurance.”

Translation: We are going to give healthcare to a substantial minority of you but ration the vast majority of you and then claim thousands of lives were saved. Prove it false, just like the jobs I claimed were saved under the failed stimulus bill I also supported along with Cap and Trade.

“”This is not a government takeover of those markets, but a way to encourage better private-market competition.”

Translation: This is the beginning of a total government takeover.

“Cooper noted that most Nashville-area hospitals, doctors and nurses, along with the AARP, favored the legislation. But he also complimented those who opposed the legislation.

“They actually help me make sure that more people in Congress do their homework and pay attention to America’s financial problems,” he said. “They are strengthening our democracy with their voices.”

Translation: I ignored about two-thirds of you but carried water for special interest groups. Never mind that the old will have Medicare benefits reduced or that the federal budget will be blown to smithereens. I play a fiscal conservative and a friend to the elderly on TV. My constituents are too stupid to understand what I just did.

But Cooper isn’t afraid:

“He said voting for the bill could be politically risky, “but I think most folks back home want me to do what is right, not just what’s temporarily popular.”


To translate the last: Even though I just said you all are stupid and I didn’t listen to you, please vote for me.

It it time for this man and scores like him to go.