Profile in cowardice: My adopted congressman ducks constituents

As a former Nashville resident, I recently adopted (co-, actually) Rep. Jim Cooper, who reputedly said something fiscally conservative at some point in his life. My bet is this so-called Blue Dog Democrat is about to cast his lot with President Barack Obama’s scheme to nationalize our medical care.

From a recent newspaper article emerges this profile in cowardice:

“Health-care reform opponents hoping to give Democratic Rep. Jim Cooper a piece of their mind at a town hall meeting Friday at West End Middle School may be in for a surprise.
“There is no town hall meeting, and one was never planned for the first day of school.
“Cooper was scheduled to address West End students on Friday, but he canceled his appearance after word spread, mistakenly, that he would be available at a public forum.
“The West End Middle School meeting was never a town hall,” Cooper said Tuesday. “We were invited by the principal to welcome students on the first day of class, so we have no idea how word spread that it was anything other than that. I was worried that students and parents might be alarmed by possible disruptions of the opening day of school. I thought better of it and asked the school to find some other speaker for the occasion.
“Cooper’s cancellation comes against the backdrop of town hall meetings across the country being disrupted by opponents of health-care reform. On Saturday, Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen hosted a town hall meeting in Memphis that drew about 500 people, many opposing health-care reform, and quickly turned into a shouting match. On Tuesday, Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter faced one man who interrupted a meeting, shouting, “One day God will stand before you and judge you” before security guards approached and he left.
“For his part, Cooper said he does not have any town hall meetings planned…”

A couple of quick points. First, The Tennessean is a typical left-wing rag that has endorsed this career politician more times than it has printed objective stories, so take a lot of the above with a grain of salt. My brother, a nominal Democrat who continues to live in Middle Tennessee and was a Cooper supporter until the Cap and Trade insanity, told me that the congressman had in fact planned to answer questions at the school mentioned in the article and pulled out when that became widely known.

Now here’s the kicker. Cooper was a leading congressional voice against HillaryCare. As a result, Secretary Clinton and Rep. Cooper hate one another. But since Obama defeated Clinton with Cooper’s implicit support, the good congressman has decided to change his tune about socialized medicine, I think.

The heavily Democratic Fifth District Cooper has represented has never elected a Republican. But if there ever were a time, it appears ripe now. The question is whether a GOP challenger will step forward. Has the Republican National Congressional Committee even attempted to recruit a challenger here? I certainly hope so.

More on the good congressman whenever an update appears in order.

That district can do better.