Per Erick's request, I formally adopt Rep. Jim Cooper, TN-05

Before heading back up the mountain, I promote this diary and challenge the rest of you to start adopting Democrats to track, follow, target for action, etc. And more than one of you can pick the same scoundrel. But do it! — Erick

once lived in Nashville, Tennessee, and many of my family members still do. It is a wonderful city with terrible politics. Among its politicians are reputed Blue Dog Congressman Jim Cooper. Among family members who continue to live there is my retired brother, who like me was outraged by Cap and Trade (hence, “CaT”). My brother was so torqued off, in fact, he wrote an angry letter to Cooper.

Tuesday he received a reply and emailed it to me. What follows is a fisking and my formal adoption of Cooper as a pet project, per Erick’s request. I’ll leave out any identifying information except to state my brother is a nominal Democrat. Or was. The only other bio is that my brother is retired from the energy business and knows CaT like the back of his hand. Nonetheless, the good congressman chose not only to condescend but to blatantly lie to someone who knew better…someone who has voted for him in the past.

Anyhow, here it is, with my asides in parenthesis:

“Dear _____

“Thank you for writing to me about the American Clean Energy and Security Act, H.R. 2454

(The Orwellian names never cease to amaze. To echo my brother, what is so secure about brown-outs, anyway?)

“The bill is a first step (don’t get mad, it’s not a done deal) towards ending our nation’s dependence on foreign oil (Really? How many nuclear plants will it build, how many coal mines will it open, how much oil will be drilled?). Presidents have been asking us to address our addiction to Middle Eastern oil since 1973 (see previous questions), and both President Obama and John McCain (neither of whom won their respective party’s nomination in this congressional district) supported a cap and trade program in last year’s election.

“I understand (fear) your concerns about the effects this bill might (will) have on your energy costs (and the effect that might have on your vote). However, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has determined this bill would only cost households about fifty cents a day (this is obviously an enormous lie as estimates range from around $2 to $6k, but you do have to wonder if the staffer blushed or laughed when he wrote it), while creating new incentives (due to price increases on electricity and gasoline?) to develop renewable sources of energy (but no incentive to increase domestic production of gas, oil, coal and nuclear–the ultimate renewable). There are five separate consumer protection provisions (your $250.00 check will be in the mail if you draw SSI), and efficiency measures will reduce electricity costs in the long term (after they double and you discover the joys of frozen sinks).

The bill is a long way from becoming law (there is no reason to be mad, really, because the Senate may kill it), but it is an important first step (God help us with the second) towards a 21st century economy that best serves our children and grandchildren (modernity sucks anyway). Thank you again for getting in touch with me and expressing your concerns (which I disregarded). I truly appreciate hearing them (so I know who to knock of the Xmas card list).

“Jim Cooper
“Member of Congress”

This district has never elected a Republican. Memo to the NRCC: the time is right.

More updates will follow on my adoptee as they become available–unless somene closer to the district wants this one.