Faculty lounge socialist Obama doesn't have enough GOP cover. Rant warning.

As mbecker and Gamecock pointed out yesterday, there is no such an animal as a centrist Democrat. We just witnessed this fact as alleged “moderate” Ben Nelson, Socialist-Nebraska, announced a “bipartisan” compromise on Obama’s pork-laded spending orgy, also known as the “stimulus bill.”

It was so bipartisan, in fact, that He Who Cannot Normally Be Mentioned, Joe Lieberman, Socialist-Connecticut, received a shout out from Nelson. Ol’ Joe’s support is on the same plane as dupe deluxes Susan Collins, Fool-Maine, and Arlen Specter, Idiot-TV Camera. So two persons whose only connection to the Republican Party is the “R” beside their names, along with Lieberman, make this bill “bipartisan”. Riiiight.

That dog won’t hunt.

This is a Democratic bill. The Democrats own it lock, stock, and barrell. To the tremendous credit of the Republican Party, only two members of Congress who claim to be affiliated with our party voted for it.

Every. Single. Democrat. In. The. Senate. Voted. For. It. Shout this from the rooftops.

This legislation will not stimulate the economy. In fact, it likely will make our economy worse. The Democrats knew it, and they tried desperately to get all the usual suspects to sign onto this monstrosity. As it stands, they failed miserably.

Regardless of what was said in the campaign, Barack Obama has been exposed as a faculty lounge socialist, which means he loves the theory of socialism although he refused to personally endure it. This puts him in the same league as every member of Congress and every Senator who voted for this betrayal of capitalism and democracy. We must work diligently to destroy–and I use that word deliberately– every person who allowed this horror to be strapped onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. We have in our camp roughly a dozen Democratis members of the House. They have in their orbit two nominal Republican senators. Let the battle join.