Was that a lame Feed the Children parody?

Never has so much been spent so foolishly on so little.

Barack Obama’s 30-minute mega television buy had been billed as his “closing argument.” Instead, what we just witnessed could have been a Saturday Night Live parody of a Feed the Children commercial. Unfortunately for Barack, he ain’t no Sally Struthers.

No, she can display actual emotion.

And not insult in the process.The Americans the Obama campaign portrayed came across as pitiful wretches, all who await The One to lead them to the Promised Land. John Steinbeck, who knew people who actually filled that bill, would have wretched. Americans, especially in dire times, do not turn to false prophets for a spiritual boost.

Obama promised us Hope and Change. Instead, he gave us the Grapes of Wrath and starred as Pa Joad.

There has been considerable question about whether Obama is or is not a socialist. There is little doubt he has those tendencies. If that drivel I just watched is any indication of how he views this nation and its citizens, he is indeed a socialist.

I am insulted. Most Americans, I imagine, will be insulted when they consider what they just witnessed.