How Sarah Palin exposed the utter banality of Obama, the media, and the Left

The Left’s unhinged attacks on Gov. Sarah Palin were to be expected. Perhaps this is the most vile assault ever to emanate from their fever swamps, but Justice Clarence Thomas and many others have tasted similar venom.

What differentiates the left-wing’s attempted rape of another fine public servant isn’t simply its impotence. Despite the fevered efforts of the mainstream media, mentally deranged bloggers, and Democratic back benchers, Gov. Palin has weathered the storm and watched the bodies of her detractors carried before her. She has the numbers to prove her triumph although evidence really isn’t required at this point.

This is different because in their efforts to destroy Palin, the Left has revealed how utterly banal Barack Obama and his candidacy are and, by extension, how shallow they were to promote it. They actually played the experience/resume card. The McCain camp couldn’t have bought enough air time between now and November to equal this particular gift. The entire rationale for the Obama campaign was that experience didn’t matter. The senator’s thin resume was touted as a plus rather than as a negative. In fact, Obama assured us experience could be a very bad thing. He really had no other choice since he had never done much more than give a speech, as Sen. Hillary Clinton started to remind Democratic voters with great effect just as her primary came to a close.

Yet the Left and its media mouthpieces pounced on Gov. Palin as “inexperienced.” She was Cicero by comparison to their guy, of course, but it didn’t matter to them.

The predicate had been laid for this particular suicide mission. First, during the primaries and caucuses Obama indicated his time as a “community organizer” was the equivalent of executive experience. Think about it: demanding a city council install new toilet seats at a public housing project was put on the same level as deciding whether the nation should go to war. No doubt those who needed new toilet seats were pleased to get them, but it is unlikely any of the recipients would see that as the equivalent of commanding the Alaska National Guard to say nothing of signing off on storming the beaches at Normandy. The “community organizer” label lent itself to some very good one-liners at the convention. Yet the funniest aspect was the sincerity that the Obama campaign displayed when it equated that time in the candidate’s life with the executive experience others had.

And of course, the electorate had been exposed to a poorly produced but remarkably effective television commercial that stated the obvious fact that Obama simply was a celebrity who wanted to go to the Oval Office.

Some elements of the Left immediately realized the trap they had sprung, and turned their sights on Palin’s looks, family, and, of course, her inferiority to them. Yet other left-wingers have dug in their heels and continue to deride this accomplished woman as unworthy to hold the office of vice president.

Let us pray they continue to do so for the next two months.