Please Help!!!

As we get close to the election I was hoping to get some people to forward around the following list of reasons I think you should not vote for Obama to as many people as possible. I think that people need a reminder close to election day. In addition I have encountered many people who have either forgotten why they were scared of an Obama presidency or who didn’t think this election was that important and were not planning on voting. This is an extremely important election, probably the most important election of our lifetimes. The control of Congress has moved to the far left and now we may have an extremely left President as well. This should be scary not just to conservatives but also to moderates and to those who even lean to the left but are not extremists. Just to note I am NOT a registered republican and have never voted for a republican President. My bias is that I am biased against what I think are bad ideas. Please forward this list around, or come up with your own list and forward to as many people as possible.


Just as a reminder, in front of the election, I wanted to review the reasons I think you should NOT vote for Barack Obama. He is unbelievably inexperienced. He has very extreme views. His economic policies are scary, and come at the worst possible time. He has radical associations, a history of questionable deals, and a track record of not being forthcoming about his past. He isn’t any better than McCain on Iraq, now that he acknowledged that his original idea for withdrawal would not be possible to do responsibly, his timeline looks very much like the McCain plan. He is benefiting from false perceptions that the Republicans caused this financial crisis when, in fact, many Democrats hands are particularly dirty. He would get in at a time when the Democrats have full control of both the House and the Senate, and a super majority in the Senate. There would be no checks or balances on what the Democrats would do, and that in and of itself should be enough to get people very concerned.

1)Most inexperienced candidate in history: a. State Senator for 8 years, often voted “Present” on controversial issues (not yes or no, just I was there) b. Junior US Senator – Started running for president in his 2nd year in the Senate c. No (zero, zip, nada) executive experience (outside of being in charge of his campaign)

2)Extreme views a. Ranked most liberal Senator in the Senate based on his track records of his votes, Biden in the top 5 b. Believes in redistribution of wealth, including redistribution to those who pay no taxes i. Failure of courts in civil rights movement was not to do more redistribution according to quote from Obama c. Wants to grow government dramatically, look at his proposals, every single issue that comes up is we need to invest in this or invest in that; “invest” means have the government spend more and more of your tax dollars d. Hangs out with self proclaimed communists/Marxists

3)Scary Economic Policies a. Wants to demonize corporations and raise their taxes i. Our corporate tax rate is the 2nd highest in the world, behind Japan. Japan has spent more time in a recession than out of one for the past 15 years. Don’t think this is the economic model that the US should attempt to emulate. ii. Corporations are also known to many as “the Company I work for. As taxes go up, employment has to go down. iii. Makes our companies worth less (as more goes to taxes, companies earn less, investors who really buy companies based on earnings willing to pay less), that means the stocks in your 401(k) or 403(b) go down. iv. Makes the products you buy more expensive (two ways to counter the effect of taxes, cut costs (aka fire workers) or raise prices for the goods you sell. Tax corporations more, you pay more when you shop. v. Makes our companies attractive targets to foreign buyers. Overseas companies can buy them, move headquarters overseas and have massive tax savings opportunities immediately. Jobs move overseas, corporate tax base moves overseas, tax base in the States decreases, need to increase taxes again. b. Wants to tax the people who actually save money i. Most Americans do not save money and do not invest in equities (as shown by negative savings rate in this country) ii. If you take money away from these people, equity ownership for entire country decreases over time, reducing percentage of our businesses that people in this country own, reducing tax base over time. iii. Further punishes investors with higher capital gains/dividend taxes. Get taxed when you make money at your job, buy a stock in a Company who’s earnings get taxed again, and then pay yet another tax if they pay you a dividend or you sell you stock. And he wants to raise each of those taxes. c. Wants to raise taxes in a recession i. Same policy as Hoover, which then drove our economy into a depression d. Government spending further driving up federal deficit. While Democrats will point out that under Bush deficit rose, McCain isn’t Bush and is known for being a budget hawk. In addition look at the respective plans of each of the candidates. Obama has proposed ~$1 TRILLON in new spending, with estimates likely underestimated for some of his policies such as his healthcare policies, which when similar programs were tried at the state level in the past decade those programs came close to bankrupting those states and had to be cut back.

4)Dishonest Politics a. Ran for the Senate in part based on tax cuts for the Middle Class. Ended up voting consistently to raise taxes. b. Pledged to take public financing while trying to get the democratic nomination and then went back on that. c. Lied about connection to Bill Ayers. While being “friendly” (quote from Obama campaign manager) with an admitted communist/anarchist who engaged in bombings of government targets in the US may not disqualify one for president is some people’s opinion, here are some things to think about: i. Obama tried to claim he was just a “guy in the neighborhood” yet: 1. He served on a board with the guy for years 2. He provided a plug for Ayer’s book in the Chicago Tribune (typically a favor you don’t do for just “a guy in the neighborhood”) 3. Boards he was on contributed to some Ayer’s organizations 4. Held political meetings to help launch his political career in Ayer’s living room 5. To say he was “just a guy in the neighborhood, strikes me as dishonest, and at the end of the day integrity in our leaders should probably count for something, don’t you think d. Stated that Reverend Wright never said the controversial items (condemning America, implying we were responsible for the terrorist attacks, AIDs was a government invention to suppress inner city people, etc.) when he was there. Seems unlikely that Wright would become radical only once Obama sought higher office and for the 20 years prior was just a regular preacher. e. Relationship with Tony Rezko, a convicted felon, who provided hundreds of thousands in funds for Obama campaigns. Obama just happened to later vote for legislation that directed state subsidies to lower income housing that benefited developers such as…….. Tony Rezko. Wow, guess that was just a coincidence. Then later, good ol’ Tony decided that donating to Obama’s campaigns wasn’t doing enough to help his good friend. So he decided to help out on a little land deal. Rezko bought the plot of land right next to Obama’s house for $625,000 (guess he wanted the opportunity to be close to his friend). But wait, he then decided to sell a portion of that land to Obama for $104,500. Odd transaction. Especially odd, given that after that land sale, the Rezko lot basically became too small to develop so it just became this nice big empty space, which some of us would call a yard. So Obama was able to get a $625,000 yard for the bargain price of $104,500 while making the whole transaction look clean, since he only bought 1/6th of the Rezko lot for 1/6th the price. If this was an above board transaction, why all the complexity and why did Rezko leave himself with a lot that is undeveloped and devalued due to the sale to Obama? I guess a direct check into Obama’s bank account, while easier, might have looked bad? f. Silencing the media – Obama supporters have staged massive call-ins and harassment against media outlets that have said negative things about Obama. In addition the Obama campaign has cutoff access to reporters and news stations that have asked the campaign questions that it deemed were too tough (latest instance was WFTV in Orlando). He recently kicked three daily newspapers off of his plane (Washington Times, NY Post, Dallas Sun Times) to make room for Essence and Ebony magazine. Note that coincidentally all three papers endorsed McCain. g. Has relationship with Rashid Khalidi who according to media reports was a spokesman for the PLO when the PLO was considered a terrorist organization. LA Times has a videotape of a party with Khalidi and Obama and has refused to release it h. Paid Acorn $800,000 to “get out the vote”. Acorn now investigated in multiple states for voter fraud, way to get out the vote. i. Incorrectly stated that he warned about the subprime crisis in advance. He actually warned about the subprime crisis in March of 2007, after the VAST majority of loans had been made and the problems were already surfacing. This would be the equivalent of being on the Titanic and warning that you might want to watch out for icebergs AFTER you already hit one and started sinking. John McCain did warn about Fannie and Freddie, which were much bigger problems, back in 2006 while there was still time to act. Guess Obama really doesn’t have any problem distorting the facts to make himself sound good in a debate, huh?

5)No Better on Iraq a. Originally stated that he was going to pullout with set timeline b. John McCain stated get out when it was responsible to do so c. Has realized that McCain was basically right, now wants a timeline that can be adjusted based on “conditions on the ground” d. His “timeline” and the McCain plan for withdrawal look very similar, so if you want troops out of Iraq quickly would be surprised if either does it materially quicker than the other e. With McCain at least know will do responsibly

6)Getting False Credit on Economy/Democrats more at Fault on Housing Bubble a. Blamed current economic condition on Republican deregulation, fact is there was no substantial deregulation over the past 8 years i. Last major piece was in 1999, repeal of Glass-Steagall act which then allowed investment banks, commercial banks, and insurance companies all to be under one corporate umbrella, this was signed into law by Clinton, but we shouldn’t blame Clinton because this deregulation really had nothing to do with this financial collapse b. Democrats pushed for heavily pushed for “affordable housing loans”, these loans now turning bad, which has been major cause of crisis c. Republicans (Treasury Secretary Snow, Sen Hagel, later Sen McCain) all pushed for stronger regulation of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac which was defeated by Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and other Democrats

7)There would be NO CHECKS OR BALANCES a. Democrats likely to get 60 seats in Senate, filibuster proof majority b. Democrats will solidly control House c. Have most liberal Senator, who may have moderated some of his views while on the campaign trail, but whose basic ideology for most of his life has been extremely left. While his current proposals, particularly his economic proposals are scary, risk of him returning back to even more extreme, radical views, and having nobody to balance him out d. Even if you don’t like McCain, having someone to put some checks and balances on Washington is extremely important, McCain will keep Democratic Congress in line and they in turn will keep him in check