Silencing their critics... what exactly happens once they actually get into power

In the latest scummy move from probably the most despicable campaign I have seen in a long time, the Obama team has yet again attempted to silence the media. After getting some tough questions, as opposed to the usual softballs thrown to them by most of the media, the Obama ticket has decided to cut off WFTV’s access to their campaign. This follows other “protests”, call-ins, and intimidation tactics on other media outlets that the Obama campaign has come to favor.

A news stations job is to report the news. By boycotting a news station, you make it tougher for them to do their jobs, and make their stations news stories less competitive. Nobody wants their station to no longer have access to the primary newsmakers, so a major political campaign causes real harm to that business and the people who asked the question. It is clearly an effective way to intimidate the media, and the begs the question is this what we want our politicians to be doing? What happens once they get into office? Will anyone who questions their policies or critizes them get cut off?

What makes this so ubsurd, it is not like the station was making up stories and spreading false rumors. They were asking questions, albeit tough questions, but they asked questions of Biden that he was free to answer how he saw fit. There wasn’t any distortion of facts (unlike the CNN interview of Palin), there were only questions. Could you imagine what the response would be if the McCain-Palin ticket tried a similar tactic?

Liberals will often complain about the Bush administration and how they control information. If they think that is bad, wait until Obama and Biden get into office.

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