We are screwed.....

I need some help figuring out how people are buying into all of Obama’s campaign promises without bothering to figure out whether or not what he is claiming is feasible. At a time when our Country’s budget is already stretched to the maximum, Obama is proposing a “tax cut” for 95% of Americans (including those who don’t pay federal taxes), universal government funded healthcare, energy investment, education investment, healthcare IT and research investment, massive foreign aid, and a laundry list of other spending which will all add up to spending increases of around $1 trillion. And anytime someone brings up a new issue, it seems that his response is to throw more dollars at the problem. Voters seem to love this, clearly the media does, but none of these people seem to bother to ask where the money is coming from. On occasion when Obama is asked, he basically says he may have to delay some of the spending but won’t give any specifics and people have decided that is a good enough answer for them.It is not like these promises are coming from a guy who has a long track record of keeping promises. He ran for the Senate on a platform of middle class tax cuts (sound familiar?) and then once elected voted for tax increases on most Americans, including the middle class. He also promised to take public money only to break that promise as well.The middle class Americans who are voting for this guy are going to be in for a rude awaking once he is in office. They will likely find their expected tax cuts turn into tax increases, and all of the wonderful programs they thought they were going to get “delayed” until the next political campaign. It will be a lesson for all, unfortunately it is one I would rather not have taught as it will be just as painful for those who questioned the proposals from the start.

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