Interesting McCain/Palin yard sign story

I live in suburban Wisconsin in a county where it’s probably close to a 55D/45R split but in my town, it will most likely trend towards a 60D/40R on election day since I’m closer to Madison than most of the county.I have an 8 mile drive to drop my daughter off at school and I noticed a couple new McCain/Palin yard signs on my route this morning that I assume were put out over the weekend. It put a smile on my face as I’m normally faced with seeing 5-6 Obama signs every time I make the drive.This afternoon, I drove to pick my daughter up from school and I noticed the first house where the McCain signs were this morning are now gone. All that was left were the wires still in the ground. This particular house is a farm house that placed 3 or 4 signs out in front of their cornfield. All of them were gone.Just a couple miles up the road, I was approaching the other house that had a McCain/Palin sign this morning and low and behold, it was missing as well. I could see tire tracks where a vehicle had drove onto their property and presumably took the yard sign. It probably doesn’t surprise you to know that each and every Obama sign that I’ve been seeing for the past couple weeks were unharmed.I usually don’t make a big deal about yard signs but this ticked me off. I felt like turning into a CSI and examining the tire tracks for make/model identification. After picking up my daughter, I made the trip back home still fuming over these yard sign thefts. I approached the farm house and noticed a new white sign with some writing on it now placed over the wires in the ground. I slowed down to take note of what was now there and the McCain supporter proudly made their own homemade sign that read “Only a thief would back Obama” and it had 2 McCain bumper stickers on the corners of the poster board. This gave me a chuckle as I picked my speed back up to make the final 2 miles home. I’m sure glad their spirit was not broken.