Statue Controversy Rooted in Desire to Shame and Diminish White Southerners

Why are communists, race-hustlers, and the rest of the leftist misfit gang so focused on removing historic monuments relating to the Civil War and the Early Republic?

It’s intersectionality, stupid!

In case you haven’t heard, white southerners (particularly males and especially Christians), are responsible for all of the ills in America.

You know, the very real problems like Islamophobia, transphobia, homophobia, xenophobia, racism, sexism…well, you get the picture.

Put another way, white southerners are the dam preventing the left from turning this constitutional republic into a tyrannical socialist state with an amoral relativist culture and an enforced victimization code.

The long term goal of the left is to physically displace white southerners and their political power. This they do by mass-immigration, and conversion centers (also called colleges).

In the mean time, though, the left is out of power. They do not control any branch of the federal government. They are decimated on the state level.

But being the emotional creatures that they are, the left is willing to settle for symbolic victories. That is where the statues come in.

Whether it is Robert E. Lee or George Washington, these statues under such assault project the success and power of white southerners. The left cannot have that.

So the left wants to shame white southerners for slavery once again before pulling the plug on historical markers.

By erasing history, the left can write it’s own future. A future without the white southerner standing in the way of “progress.”

A future where Islamic refugees and female fathers gaze upon the town square.

Don’t laugh. The left isn’t.

Fight. A movement without symbolic victories will surely never have political victories. But symbolic victories often do precede political victories. Stop them while we still can.

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