Sabotage: Bill Weld endorses Murkowski over Miller; is now "vouching" for Hillary

Bill Weld was never a libertarian. He has only used the Libertarian Party for his own selfish ends.

In 2006, Weld briefly attempted to run for governor of New York on the LP ticket. Two years later, he endorsed Barack Obama for president.

Now, a decade later, Weld has shown that nothing has changed. As the vice-presidential nominee of the LP, he should be attempting to grow the party and promote its principles. But within the past week he been doing quite the opposite.

In Alaska, LP nominee for U.S. Senate Joe Miller is in second place, running against incumbent Lisa Murkowski. A victory by Miller would represent unprecedented success for the party, and Miller would be a much-needed reinforcement for libertarian-leaning senators Rand Paul and Mike Lee.

But Weld isn’t having it. No, he has decided to support the big-government leftist, establishment elitist Murkowski;  a quintessential Rockefeller Republican. According to Weld, Murkowski is “as good as it gets” and he is with her 100%.

In recent weeks nationally, Weld has shown increasing sympathy for Hillary Clinton, even at the expense of his running mate Gary Johnson. This evening Weld appeared on Rachel Maddow’s program and fully jumped the shark, saying: “I’m here vouching for Hillary Clinton. I think it’s about high time that somebody did.”

If the Libertarian Party wants to be successful in the future, it has to be candid about the fact that is was a major mistake to nominate non-libertarians like Bill Weld, Gary Johnson, and Bob Barr in recent cycles. Electoral experience simply can’t make up for principles. If the LP refuses to nominate people of principle, such as Austin Petersen, then libertarians should turn their full attention to working within the Republican Party, where at least a handful of libertarian and libertarian-leaning politicians already exist on the federal and state levels.