Likely 2020 contenders Rubio, Cotton, Ernst vote for Obama's continuing resolution

The latest continuing resolution (which maintains current spending levels to the end of Obama’s term) exemplifies the worst of the Republican-controlled Congress, and the reason why so many voters are fed up with the system.

Not only does the largesse of the bloated federal budget survive unscathed as we approach 20 trillion in debt, but everything the Obama & Democrats want funded is funded.

And in the heat of the presidential election, most of the public will never know that this CR even existed.

Looking ahead to the next presidential election, it is important to hold potential contenders accountable. These votes matter even if no one is watching. In fact, that is why they matter so much more.

Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, who ran for president this cycle, correctly voted against the bill. So did Ben Sasse, who likely has presidential aspirations.

But Marco Rubio (who decided to stay in office after all), along with the up-and-coming Tom Cotton and Joni Ernst, rolled over and voted for this atrocious legislation.

The full roll call can be viewed below:


Right now, 2020 may seem far away. But it is votes like these that I am going to remember when evaluating the candidates. And I hope others do too.