Rick Perry, Ben Carson, and Rand Paul endorse Rob Maness for Senate

While the presidential race has our attention, and for good reason, it is important to remember the down-ballot elections this year.

One such election is the Louisiana Senate race. The only candidate running who will stand up for the Constitution and shake up Washington is retired Air Force Colonel Rob Maness.

Maness has earned many fantastic endorsements. Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry announced his backing earlier today:

“Col. Maness was on the ground at the Pentagon when the terrorists struck. He helped craft our national response. In the age of terrorism we need a leader like Col. Maness in the Senate to win our war with ISIS abroad and keep our people safe at home.”

“Rob will have no truce with the Washington elites who are trying to take away the people’s right to own a gun. Rob Maness will protect our Second Amendment rights. I’ll be working hard for Rob and encouraging all my family and friends across the Texas state line to get out and vote for Col. Rob Maness for US Senate.”

He has previously been endorsed by Dr. Ben Carson:

“As a Christian, I recognize the importance of having leaders who will go to Congress and protect our religious liberties and freedom of speech, and Colonel Rob Maness is that person. He is an outsider with over 32 years of military service and a proven track record of leadership. At a time where we face threats from around the world, Colonel Maness is the right type of leader we need to keep our country safe. He will be a voice of reason, who will bring his highly experienced military background as a commander and national security expert to Congress. We need leaders who will protect our Judeo-Christian beliefs and the Constitution, and Colonel Maness will do just that. He is a man with great character and a strong moral compass, and it is with great pleasure that I endorse him for U.S. Senate. Please join me in supporting his candidacy.”

And by Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul:

 “The United States Senate is in desperate need of principled constitutional conservatives committed to protecting individual liberty and that is exactly why I am thrilled to endorse Col. Rob Maness for Senate in Louisiana. He is a staunch believer in our 4th amendment rights and understands that to truly protect liberty, we must protect the ENTIRE Bill of Rights. Today I stand with Col. Maness and I hope you will stand with him too! I’m asking every lover of liberty in the Pelican State to vote for Col. Maness.”

I didn’t include his name in the article headline for brevity’s sake, but Maness is proud to be endorsed by Mississippi State Sen. Chris McDaniel, who nearly knocked off Thad Cochran two years ago:

“”Washington, D.C. is broken and is in desperate need for bold conservative leadership from a true political outsider, and that is why I’m proud to endorse Col. Rob Maness for U.S. Senate in Louisiana. Col. Maness is not only a committed constitutionalist but he is also a warrior, who will be unafraid to stand up to the liberal Democrats and sheepish Republican leadership in the Senate. He will provide conservatives in Louisiana and across the country the type of leadership they have been craving. As a 32 year Air Force veteran, he has routinely laid his life on the line in defense of the Constitution, and I believe he will continue to do so as a Senator. Col. Maness is the only candidate in this Senate race who I’m confident will stand shoulder to shoulder with Senators like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul in the fight for liberty and that is why I’m asking all of my friends in Louisiana to unite behind his campaign to defend the Constitution and bring real conservative change to Washington.”

If you can, please donate to Rob Maness here. Let’s help him so that he can defend our rights in D.C.

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