Donald Trump's "What difference does it make?" moment with conservatism

“I’m a conservative but at this point who cares? We’ve got to straighten out the country.”
-Donald J. Trump

Watch the comment here.

The quote above illustrates the reason why so many people distrust and oppose Donald Trump. It is reminiscent of Hillary Clinton’s famous “What difference does it make?” remark.

People who have principles cannot abide by a candidate who does not have principles. It is popular for moderates, populists, and other non-ideologues to dismiss principles and simply advocate for doing what is best. That argument misses the point though. The whole purpose of holding principles is to determine what is best. In the absence of principles, decision-making by nature can only be random and inconsistent, and therefore conflicting. And a leader who makes conflicting decisions is necessarily only doing the best thing some of the time, perhaps very little of the time.

Donald Trump is running for the presidential nomination of the Republican party. The purpose of parties is to bring people of like principles together for a common cause. When Donald Trump throws out principles, he is essentially admitting that he is hijacking the party for his own vain ambitions.

For true conservative Republicans, principles are important. Donald Trump couldn’t care less about us or our principles. He is an illegitimate candidate and must be treated as such. It is our duty to do whatever we can to deny him the nomination.