Mike Huckabee, Herman Cain sell out to clickbait factory Liftable Media Inc.

If you follow Herman Cain on Facebook, and more recently, Mike Huckabee, you will notice a pattern in their posts.

Nearly all of the articles they post come from sites such as Tea Party News Network (TPNN), Conservative Tribune and Western Journalism. All three are owned by Liftable Media Inc.

A press release from Liftable’s purchase of TPNN gives some insight into the scope of the company:

Patrick Brown, the CEO of Liftable Media Inc, announced this morning the purchase of TPNN. Brown said, “We are proud to welcome the TPNN brand into our stable of digital media properties. Growing to become the voice of the Tea Party Movement, TPNN has given active citizens nationwide an opportunity to bypass the gatekeepers of the mainstream media. We plan to expand on this success and reach even more Americans in 2016 and beyond.”

Liftable Media is a top 100 digital network according to Quantcast.com. Founded in September of 2014 by the then 26-year-old Patrick Brown with the social story website Lifitable.com, Liftable Media has grown through the purchase of numerous other social news websites. Liftable purchased Thoughtfulwomen.org and WesternJournalism.com in 2014, and ConservativeTribune.com in the spring of 2015.

I certainly have nothing against conservative media. Nor do I have anything against former politicians making money off of their name. But I have always found clickbait websites to be distasteful.

Without digging too deep into their posts, I will show a few examples of just how stupid these articles that Huckabee and Cain are posting really are.

huck1 huck2


I don’t know who advised Huckabee and Cain to go down this path, but they are losing all credibility they ever had with me and I am sure others feel the same.