NC Sen. Richard Burr HATES Ted Cruz. Let's replace him with Dr. Greg Brannon!

North Carolina Senator Richard Burr (R) hates Ted Cruz. After the GOP presidential debate in December, Burr launched a probe to investigate whether Cruz had revealed confidential information:

A key Senate Republican is looking into whether Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) discussed classified information during Tuesday night’s Republican presidential debate.

“I’m having my staff look at the transcripts of the debate right now,” Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.), the chairman of the Intelligence Committee, told reporters. “Any time you deal with numbers … the question is, ‘Is that classified or not?’ Or is there an open source reference to it?”

Now, we have learned that Burr prefers Bernie Sanders over Cruz, the AP reports:

Cruz has become such a pariah that one of his colleagues, Sen. Richard Burr of North Carolina, told supporters at a campaign fundraiser for his own re-election that he would vote for liberal Sen. Bernie Sanders for president before Cruz, according to one person who attended the event. Burr did not appear to be joking, said the person, who demanded anonymity to discuss the private gathering.

Burr is an establishment moderate and boasts a 45% Liberty Score from Conservative Review. Politicians like Burr, who are eager to work with Democrats but will demonize conservatives like Cruz, are the reason the Republican base is in total revolt.

Thankfully, there is a credible candidate challenging Burr, and he happens to be a Constitutional Conservative. His name is Dr. Greg Brannon. You may have heard of him: in 2014 he finished a strong second to Thom Tillis in the Senate primary.

Brannon is the real deal. In 2014, he was endorsed by Senators Rand Paul and Mike Lee, Congressman Thomas Massie, Erick Erickson, Mark Levin, FreedomWorks, Gun Owners of America, and the National Association for Gun Rights.

I encourage readers to check out Brannon’s first two ads below, they give a glimpse into the kind of man he is.

It’s time to send a harsh message to the GOP establishment: they have betrayed the people and the Constitution long enough.

Let’s send Dr. Greg Brannon to Washington. He won’t look down on the people and the Constitution, he will fight for them!