Yesterday Trump called Politico dishonest. Today he is spreading their Ben Carson lie.

RedState’s own Leon Wolf did a great job exposing the Politico story about Ben Carson and West Point as a lie. Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel is also churning out great information on Twitter regarding the story.

I want to focus on what Donald Trump is doing with the story, however.

Yesterday, November 5, Donald Trump had this to say about Politico:

“Look, Politico is so dishonest in so many different things. This Politico website or whatever the hell they call it, I mean, they write about me. We don’t deal with them anymore because the level of dishonesty is incredible.”

Today, November 6, Donald Trump is spreading the false Politico story about Ben Carson.  Below is one of the several Trump Tweets citing the Politico piece.


What an incredible turnaround.  It appears Trump is willing to do whatever it takes to destroy Carson, who is poised to disrupt his position as GOP frontrunner.

Yesterday, Trump seized on the silly CNN investigation of Carson’s childhood. According to Trump, Carson’s childhood might be a “total fabrication.”

Ironically, much of Trump’s support is due to the perception that he tells the truth and shuns the mainstream media. It is now clear that he will abandon that notion when it suits him politically.