Bernie Sanders is the anti-science candidate

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is now claiming that the GOP denies climate change because of…the Koch brothers obviously.

“When you have people like the Koch brothers and ExxonMobil today spending huge amounts of money trying to deny that reality, it slows up the entire world from aggressively addressing what is an international crisis,” Sanders said. “This is serious stuff.

“I think public consciousness is growing that climate change is real,” he said. “People are seeing it with their own eyes.

What Sanders doesn’t understand is that nobody really denies the climate is changing. And nobody really denies the greenhouse effect either. Before wrecking the economy, however, conservatives still have some questions that have not been sufficiently answered. Basic questions regarding how much humans can actually contribute to a natural, global phenomenon like climate change (and why the models have been wrong). There are also practical policy questions. The U.S. is only one piece of the world’s carbon pie, and you don’t simply shut off the electric grid without viable replacements to current sources of energy.

When it comes to science, Sanders is a major hypocrite. There are, in fact, a whole host of issues that put him at odds with the scientific community.

Take fracking for example. Sanders wants it to be banned across the country. Recently, the United States Geological Survey maintained that fracking does not cause earthquakes. And a new Yale study concluded that fracking does not contaminate drinking water.

Sanders opposes nuclear energy, which is interesting because it would greatly reduce carbon emissions if it were to be expanded. He claims that the nuclear waste cannot be recycled, despite the fact that France does it very effectively.

Sanders has also taken a conspiratorial stance toward genetically modified foods, or GMOs. The scientific consensus is that GMOs are fine. And they help end hunger.

Finally, and most bizarrely, Sanders once claimed that stress and lack of orgasms contributed to cervical cancer. Of course, it had no basis in science.