Donald Trump endorses national Medicaid expansion

Sunday evening on 60 Minutes, Scott Pelley asked Donald Trump about how he would take care of those without health insurance. Trump said that he would make deals with hospitals and that the government would pay for it. Watch the exchange below:

As Gabriel Malor at Hot Air notes, Trump’s plan boils down to expanding Medicaid:

According to Trump, uninsured people are going to get coverage because he’s going to “make a deal with existing hospitals” and “the government’s gonna pay for it.” There’s a word for this exact proposal: Medicaid. Trump probably doesn’t know this, but Medicaid expansion was a huge part of Obamacare. The “deal with existing hospitals” is so unfavorable for doctors and hospitals that many of them do not accept Medicaid patients because it would put them out of business. Does Trump know this? Meh, he doesn’t care.

Donald Trump’s liberal healthcare views are well documented (see: comments in 2000, first GOP debate comments) but they aren’t well known or understood.

It will be interesting to see if Trump’s supporters, most of whom presumably opposed Romney because of RomneyCare and Obama because of ObamaCare, will jump on the TrumpCare train.