Give US Your Drug Cartels, Criminals & Terrorists

Insofar as the opposition to the recently enacted Arizona illegal immigration law seems to be mounting, perhaps those who oppose it so stringently should take a few minutes to read it.  The language is very simple and easy to understand, and the law does NOT provide the basis for “racial profiling” as so many say it does.

People who live and work near the Mexican border with the United States are being forced to live in a terrorist state.  This includes not only Arizona, but southern California, New Mexico and Texas.  Every day these people have to fear being murdered, kidnapped, held for ransom, their property stolen from them and their businesses destroyed.  Is not their safety and security the responsibility and obligation of the Department of Homeland Security?  If so, then why is it this agency and so many others in the federal government having such a hard time trying to decide whether to deploy federal troops to held secure that region of the United States?  Why is it easier to send our troops traipsing all over the world to allegedly track down some foreign terrorist organization than it is to protect our nation?

Maybe the quotation of “give us your tired, your poor and your hungry” ought to be changed to “give us your drug cartels, criminals and terrorists”.  It seems to me there are more of them entering into this coutnry illegally than there are legally.