American Under Siege

The United States of America is under siege.  Our nation is being invaded and overrun by people from other countries who are crossing our borders in clear defiance of our immigration laws.  Contrary to what those who are protesting the new Arizona illegal immigration law will tell you, these people who cross our borders in ways that allow them to do so without detection are CRIMINALS.  Each and every one of them!

Were someone to rob you at gunpoint, kidnap your child for use in child pornography or slavery, murder a loved one, or commit some other criminal act against you or your loved ones, you’d want that person captured, arrested, prosecuted and punished.  Why then are so many Americans demonstrating to protect hundreds, if not thousands, of people who have entered into this country illegally?

Criminals who are citizens of the United States are guaranteed certain rights.  Illegal immigrants are NOT citizens, and have no rights.  And the illegal immigrants who invade our country should NOT be granted any level of amnesty and/or citizenship until they have been detained, prosecuted and punished in accordance with United States law.

Inasmuch as so many are protesting the Arizona law, why haven’t any of them offered some sort of an alternative means of dealing with the issue of people entering into this country illegally?  Why are they so dead-set upon having these criminals granted instant amnesty, immunity from arrest and prosecution, and citizenship?  Why this complete disregard for the laws of this nation?

It’s really sad that even the members of our federal government, elected by the people to represent the people, are so afraid of tackling this matter simp0ly because they fear a backlash when re-election comes around?  Since when is protecting Americans and their property come second to garnering votes for election or re-election?

As if the mandated health care reform legislation and pending government take-over of the financial industry aren’t enough, perhaps our so-called elected officials had better also worry about the illegal immigration issue.  It could well be there are more qualified American voters out there than there are protesters to fear.  Just how much more will the general American public tolerate before they say enough is enough, and start taking matters into their own hands.

Whatever you do in the next series of elections, VOTE!  But don’t vote for anyone already holding public office.  Vote against them, and if they are running unopposed, write in the name of some cartoon character.  But whatever you do, don’t vote for an incumbant; regardless what political affiliation they may have.