Legally Illegal

There seems to be a very simple point that our President, certain members of Congress, and a heckuva lot of Americans are missing:  People who enter this country in violation of our laws are CRIMINALS!  Pure and simple.  And, unless our laws are nothing more than words on paper that are to mean absolutely nothing, they are in this country illegally.  Each and every one of them regardless whether a murderer, thief, drug cartel member, terrorist or just plain folk, is a CRIMINAL.

And, they should be treated as such.  As should each and every American who stands in the way of properly protecting our borders from the invasion of illegal aliens as well as those who help and assist those here illegally to avoid detection, arrest and deportation.  Those who provide that assistance should be arrested and charged with aiding and abetting in a criminal act.  They, too, are criminals.

It is nothing short of dead wrong for our federal government to continue dragging its feet with regard to taking the strong necessary action to secure our borders.  Just as it is completely wrong for anyone to denounce the initiatives taken to cobat the illegal entry into this nation as Arizona has done.  If the federal government isn’t willing to take responsibility for maintaining our borders, then it should be wrong for states to take action.

Our citizens, and our nation, are under seige.