Who Knows?

Now that health care reform legislation has been rammed down our throats, what seems most surprising is that no one has stepped up to go into detail to describe just what’s in the law, how it will affect people and businesses, and what they can expect in the near future?  And, even if someone would be willing to do this, could we even believe them to tell thee truth?

Unless people take the time and make the effort to obatin a complete copy of the health care reform law and read it thoroughly (that’s assuming they can read it due to complexity), the only way people are learning of its content is through the bits and pieces being offered by various members of the news media.  The problem is that many of the segments of the health care reform law reported by the nes media seem to antagonistic than informative.  It’s like the reports are deliberately trying to raise peoples’ ire than provide a viable explanation.  And I’m sorry, FOX news, but I don’t think you’re as “fair & balanced” as you say you are.  Most of your reporters write like they’ve taken personal lessons from the Paparazzi.

So, how are we to learn what is encompassed by the new health care reform law?  If no one steps forward to expalin what we are in for, much less how bad it will effect our pocketbooks or bottom line, does this means we are to deliberately be kept in the dark until it’s too late?